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The Better Brands Box

The Better Brands Box is a curated selection from India's best undiscovered brands yet. Discover farm-to-bar chocolates, artisanal preserves, natural cocktail mixers, high-protein snacks, sustainable coffee and plant-based jackfruit-meat, all neatly packed in one pretty hamper. 
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What the box contains:

1) Eat with Better Malaikari Jackfruit (370 g, serves 2)
Ready to cook tender meaty jackfruit in an impossibly sophisticated Bengali style Malaikari. Ready in just 5 minutes, this golden hued coconut-milk based curry is ultra-dreamy, ultra-creamy and 100% vegan. Sounds good? Tastes even better.

2) Native Tongue Alphonso Preserve With Saffron (200 g)
Made with chunky mango pieces and infused with Kashmiri saffron strands, this preserve is a thing of absolute joy. Alphonso mangoes, renowned world over for their unparalleled aroma and flavour, are sourced directly from the orchards for our mango preserve, to enjoy them all year long!

3) Soklet Bhut Jolokia Chili Chocolate
Move over bean to bar, what you see here is a farm to bar creation made from cacao grown in Soklet's own plantations in the foothills of the Anamalaisis. Chocolate & Chilli is a combination that’s been tried and tested since the days of the ancient Mayan’s. Soklet's take on this combination marries one of the spiciest chillies in the world - The Bhut Jolokia from Assam with dark chocolate and a hint of Himalayan Pink Salt!

4) Bartisans Saffron-Marigold Martini Mix (240 ml, 8 drinks)
The best way to usher in the festive season. Saffron not only imparts an unimitable flavour, but also the gorgeous yellow colour. The organic marigold petals add a mildly citrusy to subtly spicy flavour to our mixer. The final addition of lime juice brings balance to the cocktail. Pairs best with Gin, Vodka or White Rum. Works equally well in mocktails!

5) Black Baza Ficus Coffee (100 g, Medium Grind)
Black Baza procures its coffee from smallholder coffee growers with an aim to conserve biodiversity and secure livelihoods for marginalised communities.
The Ficus coffee is a blend of washed Arabica and natural, sun-dried Robusta with beans that have been grown under the shade of fig trees! This coffee has some unmistakable dark chocolate and nutty flavour notes.
You'll receive the most versatile grind that can be used in a filter or Moka pot, pour over or Aeropress.

6) Taali Masala Mania Protein Puffs (55 g)
Made with the elite combination of Jowar, Chickpeas, Lentils and Soy, these spicy Protein Puffs pack 10g of protein per bag! The best secret of them all, they’re roasted, not fried!

7) Eat with Better Salsa Macha Chili Oil (85 g)

A Mexican chili oil - but unlike any other chili oil, Salsa Macha is made with 4 types of chilis, fried garlic, caramelised shallots and toasty peanuts and sesame seeds. This condiment is extremely versatile and imparts flavour to everything it touches. Vivid and vibrant. Feisty and flavourful. Magical, and majestic.


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