Know your almonds: Gurbandi Vs Mamra Vs California

How many of you have grown up rushing out for school early in the morning with a handful of almonds? Or, can’t imagine a kheer or a halwa without slivers of almond toasted in ghee? For time immemorial, mothers and grans tell you how almonds are good for you. But, did you know there is a world beyond the ones that we consume commercially, specifically the California variety? 


What is California almond?
California almonds are processed and mass produced, therefore it is far less costly. They need to be soaked overnight and peeled before eating. It is America's most valued export crop. 

What is Gurbandi almond?
The lesser-known Gurbandi or ‘choti giri’ almonds trace their origin in Afghanistan. They are smaller in appearance, yet packed with nutrients, essential fats and antioxidants. Gurbandi badam has more natural oils than the California variety, and has a bittersweet flavour.


What is Mamra badam?
Mamra badam grows in Iran and Afghanistan, and are nutritionally far more superior than the rest. It can be characterised by its concave shape. They are the most expensive variety of almonds considering it is not mass produced unlike California almonds.

Get the taste of Real Gurbandi Badam with Native Tongue Almond Butter-

Native Tongue Gurbandi Almond Butter is made with premium quality organic Gurbandi almonds directly sourced from the local growers of Kashmir.

To make the almond nut butter, we slowly crush the freshly roasted Gurbandi almonds in a traditional stone grinder till they release natural oils and come together as a smooth creamy almond paste. It is then moderately sweetened by the nutrient rich desi khaand (raw sugar) to bring out the delicate flavours of the almond butter. 

All it takes are 3 ingredients – Gurbandi Almonds, Raw Sugar (upto 6%) and the all important ingredient called Time!

Thick, creamy and irresistibly delicious - the different layers of sweet and nutty flavour of Native Tongue Gurbandi Almond Butter will take you by surprise.

It is dairy-free, 100% vegan and has no other artificial additives like colour, flavoursor emulsifiers.

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