• Childhood Love

    Gunjan Deolia on Aug 20, 2021

    My love for mangoes is one thing that everyone in my family is aware of. My aunt gifted me this on my bday and I'm not going to lie it's the best mango product I have ever tried. My mom makes something similar to this and all summer I drool over it. Now it's not anymore a summer item, with Nativetongue I can have my favorite fruit every day.

    Alphonso Preserve With Saffron 
  • A Breakfast Delight!

    Sonya Gopinath on Aug 17, 2021

    Though I am not one to experiment that much with my flavors, the Mulberry preserve was a surprisingly great addition to my breakfast food sides. The other day, I tried it as a topping to my butterscotch ice cream plus apple pie slice, and it truly made my late night Sunday dessert complete. Definitely recommend!

    Mulberry Preserve 
  • Just Delicious!

    Palakshi Sharma on Aug 17, 2021

    The combination as unique as it sounds is the BEST thing to have with chapatis, idlis, or bread. My sister and I have almost finished this in ten days, already placing an order for a new one!

    Peanut Butter with Byadgi Chilli 
  • So Damn Gooood

    Sanika Mehta on Aug 25, 202

    The flavors are so perfectly blended and knowing that there isn’t any use of artificial additives makes it even better. The added hint of cardamom got me in love with this. My go to for any smoothie

    Cashew Coconut Butter With Cardamom And Saffron 
  • Delicious

    Aruna on May 21, 202

    I tried recreating the Pizza Express Padana, was really easy to do and tasted great! Delicious sauce

  • Must Try

    Mitali Palav on Apr 23, 2022

    The salted caramel drak rum sauce is simply finger licking good. I tried it with Vanilla icecream and it was delicious. Gonna try with other options too.