Quick & Delicious Ways to Use Our Strawberry Winter Preserve

The merry month of December is here, which means a delicate nip in the air and the need for warm, comforting foods that are a joy to the palate. And with the arrival of winter, we’ve brought back our Winter Preserve; a sweet, chunky preserve with a distinct warmth from young root ginger and peppercorns, that is made using fresh Nashik strawberries. If you’re planning to add this to your pantry, here are a few fun ideas that will help put this preserve good use.

Spread it on cake or fill fresh homemade doughnuts
Make happy celebrations happier with some homemade cake or doughnuts. And if you’re not in the mood for heavy frosting, a few layers of our Winter Preserve will help you level up your baked goodies, and dare we say, make it better than the ones found in a bakery. Make sure you save a few for yourself before they’re all wiped out!

Mix it into a Sangria
With the festive season almost at our doors and the inevitable prospect of family gatherings, mix our winter preserve into a delicious sangria to serve at house parties! Take your favourite wine, add in some chopped fruit, other liquors of choice, a few teaspoons of our sweet Winter Preserve and stir well. You’ll have yourself the perfect drink to get you in the festive spirit.

Top it over baked Brie
Planning a Christmas party and not sure about what to serve? A baked brie topped with our Winter Preserve will make for an appetizer that is the star of the show. Just bake your brie in a pre-heated oven for around 10 minutes and once baked add in the preserve. The warm, gooey-centered cheese, topped off with our chunky, sweet preserve and served with a side of salty crackers will surely make for a flavorful appetizer.

Make it into a pie filling
This Christmas, take your baking skills up a notch and try your hand at baking homemade pies. And while the crust is an art that needs to be mastered, we’ve got you covered where the filling is concerned. Scoop in our strawberry Winter Preserve into the pastry and bake yourself a delicious pie, that too without creating an absolute mess.

Use it as a meat glaze
If you’re planning to make some roast chicken or pork, a few scoops of our preserve would make for a delicious glaze. The warmth from the spices compliments the meat and the sweet tartness of the strawberries helps bring the entire dish together. A few chunky scoops and your meal would be no less than five star rated.

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