Quirky ways to repurpose your Native Tongue jars and boxes

In the spirit of adopting a zero-waste life, and to live sustainably, we are always looking for ways to repurpose those unused jars and bottles, and even gift boxes that seem too pretty to throw in the bin.

Since it’s good to start somewhere, we’ve put together a few ideas for you to set on the fun upcycling adventure. Reuse Native Tongue jars and bottles for storing food, growing plants and more.

Native Tongue Home Decor Ideas
Home decor and plants
The next time you want to take up a gardening project, make a terrarium. It makes for cute home decor in small spaces as well. Native Tongue bottles can also be used for making DIY LED lights. They are perfect as presents for a loved one or simply to amp up that cozy corner in your home.

Fermentation containers
Planning to make a small batch of sauerkraut or tepache? Native Tongue glass jars and bottles, that come with our Smoked Aam Panna and Pink Guava Nectar, can be used as containers for your first DIY fermentation project. Pickle those veggies, ferment those fruits for ciders and tepache, or soak fruits for your boozy Christmas cake in them starting today.

Sourdough starter jars
Do not buy sourdough starter jars if you are ordering from us regularly. After you’ve consumed our nut butters or savoury spreads, clean them out and dry in the sun. Glass jars are apt for starting a sourdough starter as you don’t have to fret about ugly chemicals leaching into it.

Native Tongue Home Decor Ideas Cake
Cake jars as gifts
Nothing beats homemade edible birthday gifts than cute cake jars. Use our jars to layer your favourite sponge, cream, nuts and jelly for a friend or family’s special day.

Storing spices, herbs and more
Sure you have a masala dabba for your desi spices, but what about those exotic herbs and dry spices that you got from your last vacation? Native Tongue jars can also be used for storing salad dressing or a homemade vinaigrette. It also makes for an easy container for an on-the-go office lunch.

Packing gifts
Paper boxes can cause unnecessary stress especially for those of us who are pressed for space. And if they are too pretty to throw in a bin, you are most likely to hoard them like us. Use up those cardboard boxes, for instance our Diwali hamper, and repurpose them to wrap gifts

Also, let us know
We would love to hear from you. Tell us how you have been reusing Native Tongue's jars.

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