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11 healthy food gifts you can send this Diwali: Shining a spotlight on India's local produce and preparations, Native Tongue's product range features a host of classic preserves, nut butters, cordials, spreads and sauces. Think Peanut butter with Byadgi chilli, thandai nut butter, smoked aam panna cordial and Alphonso preserve with saffron. Perfect if you want to get more vocal about local. They are currently offering customisable Diwali hampers too. 

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Ruchira Sonalkar from Mumbai runs Native Tongue with her husband Rohan, wherein they sell all-natural and preservative-free jams, stone ground nut butters, savory spreads, fruit cordials and dessert sauces made from lesser-known indigenous produce, and ship them all over the country.

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Make your recipes yummier with this brand's handcrafted nut butter, seasonal fruit preserves, savoury spreads, dessert toppings from this Thane-based condiment brand. With locally sourced natural ingredients, signature flavours, and lots of love, enjoy these handcrafted creations by Native Tongue.

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Spread your wings - Native Tongue’s curations are when you want to lay it on thick — one box contains a fruit preserve, nut butter, dessert sauce and savoury spread. The hamper also comes with a rangoli kit: stencils and colours for the novice artists and a traditional earthen diya. 

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There is always something exciting to try out or get hooked on for a foodie in Amchi Mumbai. Ruchira Sonalkar’s Native Tongue offering over 22 products – jams, stone-ground nut butters, savory spreads, fruit cordials, and dessert sauces, is one of them.

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They sell flavour bombs in jars that will explode in your mouth. Serving all across India, Native Tongue sauces are locally sourced and handmade by Ruchira Sonalkar. They offer a range of freshly-made artisan nut butters, fresh fruit preserves, sauces, spreads, and gourmet condiments. NativeTongue’s ambrosial sauces and spreads make food look as good as it tastes. Their delivery usually takes 2-6 days.

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Native Tongue, a Mumbai-based startup, aims to bring to the spotlight recipes created out of our local produce that is equally delectable. Founded in 2018, Native Tongue is the brainchild of Rohan and Ruchira Sonalkar. The startup offers a variety of products such as jam, fruit cordials, stone-ground nut butter, savoury spreads and dessert sauces, all made from locally sourced ingredients.

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With Native Tongue, Ruchira Sonalkar Offers You A Delicious Trip Down The Memory Lane! If you want to relive the days gone by, Ruchira Sonalkar's Native Tongue with its fun twists on classic foods is just the thing for you!
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The urban pantry goes hyperlocal: For Ruchira Sonalkar, who runs Native Tongue in Thane, Maharashtra, it has taken time to get the supply chain going and find the right producers for Gurbandi almond, alubukhara or Byadgi chillies, who are willing to send produce to Mumbai. “But now we have been able to establish a trust chain,” she says.

 The Ultimate Lockdown Food Guide: Dehydrating fruits such as apples, pears, bananas, kiwis is also a great way to store them, says Ruchira Sonalkar, founder of Native Tongue, which retails handcrafted jams and preserves: “Set the oven at minimum temperature and lay down cut fruit in a single layer in an oven tray. It takes about 3-6 hours, depending on water content in fruit and how thinly you slice them. Dehydrated fruits stay good for up to a year at room temperature in an airtight container."

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Love Nut Butters? Try These 10 Winning Recipes Submitted By Tc46’S Insta Fam: Desi snacks can be tasty and healthy too. And many health enthusiasts are swapping their indulgent spreads in favour of nut butters that are high in protein and packed with body nourishing good fats.

Top 5 Ethical & Sustainable Indian Brands To Shop From - Founders Ruchira Sonalkar and Rohan Sonalkar built a brand that offers a range of artisan nut butters, fresh fruit preserves, sauces, spreads and gourmet condiments. All of their signature recipes are made with bespoke Indian produce!

 10 Tasty, Healthy & Affordable Foods That Your Kids Will Love: Give your kids a flavour from the agricultural treasure trove of our country. This product is a fun twist on your classic peanut butter. Byadgi chilli from Karnataka with its distinct smokiness, the deep red flavour is what makes this peanut butter to a whole new level. It’s the spin on the traditional peanut chutney. It has a shelf life of 6 months. You can choose to buy either 200 grams or 400 grams.