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Native Tongue Assorted Indian Fruit Preserves

Native Tongue Assorted Indian Fruit Preserves

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Native Tongue brings to you a range of fresh fruit preserves made from handpicked Indian produce like Alubukhara (Indian Plum), Mulberries from Mahabaleshwar, Strawberries from Nashik and more. All of our signature recipes are made with bespoke ingredients and that important ingredient called Time. This box includes an exclusive assorted collection of fruit preserves:
1. Alphonso Preserve with Saffron - 200 Gms
2. Alubukhara Preserve - 200 Gms
3. Mulberry Preserve - 200 Gms
4. Orange Marmalade - 200 Gms
5. Strawberry Preserve with Kerala Vanilla - 200 Gms
6. Winter Strawberry Preserve with Ginger and Pepper- 200 Gms

Note: The count of items will vary depending on the gift budget.
**Box originates from India**



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