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Native Tongue Ice Cream Toppings
Native Tongue Ice Cream Toppings
Native Tongue Ice Cream Toppings

Native Tongue Ice Cream Toppings

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Beat the heat with some cool ice cream toppings!

Native Tongue was born out of love for everything homemade and natural, interwoven with the tastes of our childhood and memories of a time gone by. We also wish to put the spotlight on India’s delicious indigenous produce.

Native Tongue range of products include slow jams, fruit cordials, stoneground nut butters, dessert sauces and savoury spreads, all made with our signature recipes and locally-sourced ingredients. Sustainability is our primary concern, and we take all the effort to make a difference – hence all our packaging is almost completely plastic free!

And our entire selection is handcrafted and 100% natural.

This box includes an exclusive assorted collection of flavours that make for great ice cream toppings:

  1. Salted Caramel Sauce - 200g
  2. Mulberry Preserve - 200g
  3. Alphonso Preserve with Saffron - 200g
  4. Strawberry Preserve with Kerala Vanilla - 200g
  5. Alubukhara Preserve - 200g
  6. Peanut Butter Chunky - 200g
  7. Marzipan Nut Butter - 130g
  8. Dessert Spoons- 1 Set
  9. Honey Twigs - 1 Pack
  10. Waffle chips - 1 Pack

Note: All Items are made in India. Depending on the gift budget, the items will change.



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